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Media appearances / interviews:


New CHOP study: Targeted exposure therapy helps kids with food allergies overcome related anxiety disorders and fears

WHYY/PBS (link to audio interview)

Picky eaters may outgrow it. But parents can encourage better, healthier eating

The Washington Post

Picky Eating in Children: Parents are Not to Blame with Dr. Katherine Dahlsgaard​

The Beyond Addiction Show podcast


How to Help Kids Overcome Extremely Picky Eating with Dr. Katherine Dahlsgaard

Think Act Be Podcast

For Some Food-Allergic Kids (and Parents), Anaphylaxis Isn't the Worst Problem

MedPage Today

Q&A: Protocol helps kids overcome phobias related to their food allergies


Fears over their food allergies can lead kids to shun normal childhood events

The Washington Post

Overcoming food phobia

Interview with Contemporary Pediatrics

I tried to teach myself to eat vegetables like a grown-up

Interview with New York Magazine’s Science of Us / The Cut

Parents, relax, it’s unlikely your child has an anxiety disorder

Interview with Main Line Times

Anxiety disorders and panic attacks

Radio interview with Smart Talk WITF (link to audio)

Failure is no big deal… when you don’t know what failure is

Radio interview with WHYY’s The Pulse (link to audio)

'Born, Not Made': CHOP Psychologist Offers New Insights On Best Way to Treat Picky Eaters

Television interview on CBS Philadelphia (link to video)

Kids Health: Adequate Sleep For Adolescents

Interview with WPVI-TV / 6abc Action News

Your Life: Treating Picky Eaters

Interview with WPVI-TV / 6abc Action News

War and Peace at the Dinner Table: Advising Parents of Picky Eaters

Expert commentary for healthcare providers on Medscape


The Anxiety Files: A Look Inside Girls' Real-Life Struggles—and How They Deal

Interview with teen Vogue


Huntsville soldier publishes fairytale to battle his daughters' separation anxiety

Interview with


Raising Healthy Kids: Picky Eating

Interview with WPVI-TV / 6abc Action News

Overcoming Injection Fears: Helping Kids Learn to Be Brave

Expert commentary for healthcare providers on Medscape.

Any Kid Can Learn to Swallow a Pill

Expert commentary for healthcare providers on Medscape.


Just remember: Nobody's perfect

Quoted on


Better than a spoonful of sugar: How to swallow pills

Quoted on BBC News


Unstuck: Escaping the Grip Of OCD

Quoted on MetroKids


Psychologist Offers Tips For Coping With Back-To-School Anxiety

Interview with KYW Newsradio 1060 /


Easing Back-to-School Anxiety

Interview with WCAU-TV / NBC 10 Philadelphia


Broad Street Runners Overcome Anxiety in Wake of Boston Tragedy

Quoted on

When Choking Episodes Have Long-term Consequences: Helping Little Kids Move On

Expert commentary for healthcare providers on Medscape.

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