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Shared Virtue: The Convergence of Valued Human Strengths Across Culture and History

Articles written for media or academic journals:

What Is the Added Benefit of Combining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors in Youth with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, August 2023

Cognitive-behavioral intervention for anxiety associated with food allergy in children

Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, 23 September 2022

Q&A: Protocol helps kids overcome phobias related to their food allergies

Healio, 6 November 2021

Development of the Child- and Parent-Rated Scales of Food Allergy Anxiety (SOFAA)

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice 12 July 2021

Addressing anxiety and avoidance in food-induced anaphylaxis -- a reply.
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 23 February 2021

A fear of needles may keep some from COVID-19 vaccine - This treatment can help

Philadelphia Inquirer, 29 February 2021


What parents need to know about OCD in kids
Philadelphia Inquirer, 6 December 2020

What all that screen time could be doing to children

Philadelphia Inquirer, 6 September 2020

New issue in food allergy: Specific Phobia of anaphylaxis (PDF)

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 23 July 2020

Medical Mystery: Why was woman having violent thoughts about her loved ones?

Philadelphia Inquirer, 17 May 2020

How school closings due to coronavirus are helping parents see benefits of later start times for teens

Philadelphia Inquirer, 29 April 2020

To protect teens mental health, keep them moving

Philadelphia Inquirer, 26 March 2020

Medical Mystery: The healthy young woman who feared losing control

Philadelphia Inquirer, 27 November 2019

The (Extremely) Picky Eaters Clinic: A pilot trial of a 7-session group behavioral intervention for parents of children with Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)

Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 1 August 2019

Anxiety in kids is real. But so is their parents’ power to heal them

Philadelphia Inquirer, 24 April 2019

Insomnia in teens, and ways to solve the problem

Philadelphia Inquirer, February 2019

Black children are suffering higher rates of depression and anxiety. What's going on?, 11 December 2018

Domestic Abuse: Long lasting effects on women and their children., 25 October 2018

Fathers are at risk for postpartum depression, too.

Philadelphia Inquirer, 5 August 2018.

Tips for talking to kids about suicide

Philadelphia Inquirer, 13 June 2018

Summer break shouldn’t always mean a ‘drug holiday’ for kids with ADHD., 1 June 2018.

Does screen time steal happiness from teens?

Philadelphia Inquirer, 4 February 2018.

ADHD diagnosis may be affected by a child’s birthday, study finds.

Philadelphia Inquirer, 19 November, 2017.

How adults can save teens from drowsy-driving crashes

Philadelphia Inquirer, 20 August 2017

How to help children overcome a fear of dogs.

Philadelphia Inquirer, 18 June 2017

American parents are miserable. How can we help them?

Philadelphia Inquirer, 3 April 2017

Medical Mystery: Was child plagued by fear of choking or PTSD?

Philadelphia Inquirer, 25 December 2016

Trending data: A small increase in suicide rates for black boys, 29 November 2016

What’s the takeaway from the latest data on kids and suicide?, 15 November 2016

Why one child psychologist hates homework

Philadelphia Inquirer, 11 September 2016

Kids and trauma: When does it require treatment?, 23 August 2016

Should your teen wear exercise clothes to therapy?

Philadelphia Inquirer, 31 July 2016

Medical Mystery: Why is this teen so miserable?

Philadelphia Inquirer, 1 May 2016

What happens to kids when their fathers kill their mothers?

Philadelphia Inquirer, 2 April 2016

Medical Mystery: Boy was uninterested in trying other foods

Philadelphia Inquirer, 6 March 2016

ADHD and girls: It’s not what you expect

Philadelphia Inquirer, 28 February 2016

A closer look at study reporting ADHD medications cause sleep problems in kids

Philadelphia Inquirer, 6 December 2015


Medical Mystery: Why is teen socially isolating herself?

Philadelphia Inquirer, 15 October 2015


Can anxiety disorders be prevented in kids?, 7 October 2015


Research: Meds for ADHD don't cause tics

Philadelphia Inquirer, 20 September 2015


Picky eating can be a sign of deeper troubles

Philadelphia Inquirer, 9 August 2015


My teen can be so irritable! Is that normal? 6 July 2015


"Inside Out" has lessons for child and parent

Philadelphia Inquirer 5 July 2015


Self-control may be why girls outdo boys on tests

Philadelphia Inquirer, 7 June 2015


Medical Mystery: Why is young picky eater's palate so limited?

Philadelphia Inquirer, 31 May 2015


Why sleepy teens are falling to their knees, 27 May 2015


Medical Mystery: Twins talk to parents, but never to anyone else

Philadelphia Inquirer, 3 May 2015


Does your child still have difficulty swallowing pills?, 20 April 2015


Successful cognitive behavioral therapy for kids could lead to fewer suicidal thoughts, 9 March 2015


New sleep guidelines little changed, but a worthwhile reminder

Philadelphia Inquirer, 1 March 2015


Emetophobia: Is your child afraid of vomit?, 25 February 2015


How to tame your child's fear of the dentist, 21 January 2015


How to Get Your Picky Eater to Try New Foods, 13 January 2015


Positive psychology and enjoying the holidays

Philadelphia Inquirer, 28 December 2014


The power of effective praise, 25 November 2014


Selective Mutism: The "New" Anxiety Disorder on the Block, 31 October 2014


10 tips for parents to extract dental fears, 23 September 2015


Why your teen probably needs more sleep, 14 September 2014


Medical Mystery: 9-year-old girl suddenly fearful of getting sick

Published in Philadelphia Inquirer, 25 August 2014


How do I talk to my kids about suicide?, 20 August 2014

Suicide epidemic has no end in sight / Philadelphia Inquirer, 17 August 2014


ADHD medications and suicide risk: Is there a connection? / Philadelphia Inquirer, 13 July 2014


Depression and kids: Why anti-depressants shouldn't be ruled out, 24 June 2014


'Fat' label on a child can predict later obesity  / Philadelphia Inquirer, 18 May 2014


Help your picky eater eat a variety of foods, 2 April 2014


Teens having problems? First check their sleep. / Philadelphia Inquirer, 16 March 2014


How can teens recover from sexual abuse? / Philadelphia Inquirer, 22 March 2014


Is picky eating harmful?, 20 February 2014


What's a trich disorder?, 3 December 2013


School refusal and kids: What can you do?, 25 November 2013


Are you more likely to buy athlete-endorsed food products?

Philadelphia Inquirer, 11 October 2013


Do bullied children experience more health problems? 

Philadelphia Inquirer, 22 September 2013

What are tic disorders?, 11 September 2013


Helping kids who have difficulty swallowing pills, 17 July 2013


What are good resources on OCD?, 2 July 2013


Postpartum depression: The importance of getting help, 15 April 2013


Five ways to help your child overcome needle fears, 29 November 2012


Taking the sting out of kids' needle fears and phobias, 28 November 2012


Drowsy driving creates danger for teens, 26 September 2012


Diagnosing and Treating OCD / Behavioral Health

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